The artisans 4.0 of design


There are places with an enchanting identity. Places where marvellous ideas take shape and are transformed into design that is as creative and unique as a work of art. We’re..

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System Iran new headquarters


On 25th May 2017 the grand opening of the new headquarters of the System Iran branch took place. The facility is located in the Payam Special Economic Zone, an industrial..

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Suggestions from the leaders


Each year at the end of February the venue “Ri-Comincio da Me” takes place in Modena. Schools, universities and companies are involved in order to hold lectures, seminars and conferences focused..

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High-tech automation for the sorting line


At Tecnargilla 2016 we introduced a new sorting line system for the operations of sorting and packaging of large, medium to small sizes: the Multigecko Special. We have developed a fully automated sorting line system..

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Annual Press Conference 2016


On Dec. 14th the third edition of the Annual Press Conference took place at the System headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, Italy. The venue represents one of the most important occasion..

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The Award PNI 2016


From 1 to 3 December Modena hosted the 14th edition of the award for the innovation “Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione” (also known as PNI). The competition, organized by the association PNICube together with..

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