The project Synchrony by System is the winner for the third time of the Tecnargilla Design Award. The concept expresses a new aesthetic renaissance.

Controlled fluidity which crystallises intermittently, taking on a jagged yet compact look. A dichotomy made possible by merging tradition and technology into design, generating a new aesthetic renaissance.

Traditional manual techniques are brought alive in the sinuous horizontal strips and sandy base thanks to classic sculpting skills, characterised by masterly use of chisel and burin. Moving in from the edges to the centre of the surface, these strips and the base grain are progressively modified by the image-based force of the digital content. Digital features decisively outline the curvature of the dunes and smooth the base grain to transform everything into geometries that enhance the overall composition. Analogously, the splashes of colour that distinguish the sandy background become – in parallel with the digitalisation of the relief – steadily more linear, regular brush-strokes, punctuated with ever-more monochrome, juxtaposed watercolour nuances. Such nuances draw on an exuberant palette in accordance with complementary colour theories. Similarly, the dunes, the edges of which shine with silk-like iridescence, mutate via virtualization of form into gleaming metalliferous effects. The decorative three-dimensional melody synchronises seamlessly with the relief motif, extolling the shapes and amplifying depth.

Such harmoniously orchestrated creativity pivots around a key theme of contemporary design: aesthetic concepts capable of merging multiple dimensions. This is where craftsmanship meets digital, the decorative-structural soul finds its decorative-graphics soul mate.

The result? A surface ready to play a leading role and paint its setting with pure poetry. A project designed for complex, heterogeneous urban settings and the metropolises of the future. Places where nature and traditional architecture cohabit, where constructions are encased in futuristic shapes and materials.

The slab has been realized with System technology.

System_LAMGEA: textured porcelain slab pressing technology, 12 mm thick, 1600x3200mm, textural depth 2.5 mm.

System_Creadigit: digital technology for glazing, decoration and application of materials synchronised with in-structure bas-relief and high relief effects.

System_Creavision: technology for perfect synchronisation of digital printing with structural details.