A recent survey carried out by one of the largest statistical analysis companies in the world for the Italian magazine Panorama has identified the 400 Italian companies which are best to work in.

System is included in this club of Italian excellence in which the human capital plays a fundamental role, becoming one of the most attractive companies in which to work. This is a particularly important result as System is in 11th place at a national scale in the industrial automation sector.

System’s performance and growth are closely linked to the contribution of the people that work in it and who share the Group’s fundamental values. The central importance of people and a passion for know-how which is unique in the world not only distinguishes the company in the international market but has led to the development over more than 45 years of unrivalled innovative processes underpinned by human knowledge.

System’s achievements and growth are the result of a united approach, in which more than 2000 people share the Group’s values. The know-how, passion for innovation and pioneering character of the company generate a profound sense of belonging and pride.

The company has always been deeply committed to ensuring that people feel at home when at work. For this reason System has created a welfare system that also focuses on workers’ individual wellbeing and their family situation from both an economic and social point of view. A series of measures have been implemented to offer a package of diversified flexible benefits, which includes contributions dedicated to family assistance and training, but also to free time for cultural and sporting activities.

Furthermore, our workers have access to a bonus system and numerous benefits resulting from enterprise-level bargaining with trade union representatives that improves on the legal and economic conditions of the national bargaining contract.

From a training and school-work project point of view, System receives high school students throughout the academic year as well as during the summer period to help them to acquire the skills necessary for entering the work market, alternating hours of study with periods of orientation and training in the company to allow them to learn on the job.

The company has also set up numerous partnerships with Italian and international universities, receiving many requests for internships for multiple contexts, inserting also many students at the end of their training program.

One of the most important challenges is to continue to create opportunities for growth also for the company’s staff, both in Italy and in the various branches distributed throughout the world. The human resources department draws up structured assessments of skills and performance, identifying a personalized development path through a continuous training program.

Pride, unity, respect and equality are fundamental values that have made System one of the most attractive workplaces in Italy.