At Tecnargilla 2018, to be held at Rimini Fiera from 24 to 28 September, we will be previewing the new technological solutions and cutting edge processes prepared by the System, of interest to all fields of application related to the ceramics industry.

Here visitors can see System’s disruptive technology:

– the new platform of PRIME software services
– the advanced technology of LAMINA for large ceramic sheets
– the latest features in digital printing with Creadigit 777
– the powerful vision system for large slabs Qualitron XXL
– the state-of-the-art technology introduced for end-of-line and packaging with the new Multiflex

The objective is to create a new standard in the management of ceramics manufacturing, an evolutionary process towards the principle of “Ceramics as a Service” in which clients can redesign their production processes and share them in an integrated application for using resources.

At this edition of Tecnargilla, System has brought the latest technologies according to the principles of Industry 4.0. Important industrial processes are on display in Rimini until Friday.

System has received furthermore the award for the best concept Synchrony, a project designed for complex, heterogeneous urban settings and the metropolises of the future. Places where nature and traditional architecture cohabit, where constructions are encased in futuristic shapes and materials.

System’s disruptive technology will take ceramic manufacturing to new heights. A cultural and industrial heritage coming from more than 45 years of high-tech industrial automation.