Shaping the architecture of innovation

Innovation and technology are shaping the architecture of the industrial building with a minimalistic and white allure. System Iran headquarters represents a stunning industrial architecture building.

Last year System opened the new site in Iran in the presence of the local authorities and top management of the company, confirming its status as a technological partner able to offer unique solutions to the international market in the ceramics industry.

The building is situated in the “Payam Special Economic Zone” in the outskirts of Teheran, an area destined to become a high technology hub.

System has been active in Iran for more than 25 years, and set up its branch in the city of Teheran in 2012. Only five years after its opening, the results achieved have led to the development of a new cutting-edge facility which has been designed by the Iranian architect Mehran Khoshroo from the Olgooco firm. The idea underpinning the design was that of combining functional and symbolic elements in a construction with a strong futuristic aspect, enhancing, at the same time, the area in which the factory is situated.

The building expresses an architecture that describes the future, a future which System makes real every day, through innovative process solutions without equal, enabling the company from Fiorano Modenese to operate in the global ceramic industry at the highest level, opening up new fields of application and new sectors of use.

The structure, in the design of which Franco Stefani, President of the System Group, has been personally involved, both with regards to the general concept and in the details, is characterized by its unusual and well-defined geometric shapes.
The System Iran site is a work-of-art of industrial architecture which impresses with its irregular form completely covered with steel-colored panels, like a tailored garment that wraps around the entire building. Large sloping lines sculpt the futuristic construction. On the ground floor there is the entrance and welcome areas, plus a large area dedicated to logistics and storage that connect with the offices through a large glass wall. There are also offices on the first floor looking over the large plant, thanks to glass walls that rise from the ground floor along the entire length of the building up to the top floor.

The interiors have a modern, contemporary feel which is highlighted by the presence of white as the dominant color and by materials such as steel, glass and large ceramic slabs which have been used to cover the welcome area and the offices, creating a sophisticated atmosphere in the different environments.

Inside the site, touches of color are provided by the presence of plants that serve to interrupt the sophisticated, deliberate monochrome. The careful mix of architectural components is combined with a sober and sophisticated elegance. The design uses the most recent construction technologies and guarantees a high level of comfort. The architectural design was assigned to the Olgooco Iranian architectural practice and the construction was assigned to an Italian firm in what turned out to be a winning combination.

Thanks to its strong identity and extraordinarily innovative industrial architecture, the project has been recognized as the best design in the “Public Building” category in the 10th edition of the Iranian Interior Award 2017.

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Photo credits: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh
Architectural practice: Mehran Khoshroo – Olgooco, Tehran, Iran