System Lamina in the industrial heart of Russia

At the Vorsino Industrial Park, one of Russia’s major industrial districts 100 km from Moscow, System Lamina technology positions itself as a leader with the new LaminamRus factory, a project started up 3 years ago.

On Monday, 27th March 2017 the new Laminam production facility held its grand opening. Present for the event were System Group President, Franco Stefani, Laminam Managing Director, Alberto Selmi, Russian entrepreneur Ismail Timirovich Akhmetov, in addition to Russian and Italian authorities. Among the prominent governmental representatives was the Governor of the Kaluga Region, Anatoliy Dmitrievich Artamonov, who witnessed the impressive technological innovation behind the ceramic surfaces of Laminam.
At the venue there were also several important authorities: Vladimir Vasilevich Potemkin, Vice Governor of the Kaluga Region, Dmitri Nikolaevich Kurochkin, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Vladislav Anatolievich Samsonov, General Director of the Vorsino Industrial Park, Rosario Alessandrello, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Milano Italy-Russia, Roberto Cafiero of the Italian Trade Agency and Maria Luisa Barone, President of the GIM Unimpresa.

Indeed, this innovation has made great headway in this part of the world, where the demand for materials with unparalleled hi-tech and aesthetic characteristics will be intensifying due to an increasingly cutting-edge architecture.

Moscow, the capital of Russia with its 12 million inhabitants and a total of 18 million in the metropolitan area, is the most heavily populated city in Europe, and the 11th most populous in the world. These statistics indicate how Moscow and the region that rotates around this megalopolis are highly receptive to international projects that will transform the urban landscape over the next several years with a residential, commercial and industrial architecture that has no precedent.

Greater Moscow’s development will demand technological partners poised to supply unique solutions, such as the technical ceramics of Laminam produced with System technology. Laminam’s industrial process was invented in Fiorano Modenese thanks to the intuition of Franco Stefani, the first to transform ceramics into slabs with extra thin thicknesses, leading to new segments of utilization and new markets to match.

Here in Moscow we had the privilege to get a close-up view of a model of advanced manufacturing that will base its principles on Human-Machine interaction and smart manufacturing managed by Prime, a software platform developed by System that allows the whole factory to be digitally controlled according to the principles of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

The LaminamRus factory is an industrial “gem” reflecting the high technology and excellence of Made in Italy, where porcelain stoneware slabs will be produced in the format 1000x3000mm and in a thickness of 3 and 5mm with the System Lamina technology featuring the Lamgea moldless press.

With an initial investment in technologies of 25 million euros, which will reach 40 million euros for a potential yearly production of 1,000,000 square meters, the Laminam slabs will find extensive use in architecture and interior design. Entire buildings, for example, may be covered on the interior and exterior with materials produced in this factory in line with the most up-to-date criteria in building technologies. From an employment standpoint, the workforce presently comprises about 50 Italian and Russian professionals, whose number will double in the very near future to 100.

Ismail Timirovich Akhmetov – Alessandra Stefani – Franco Stefani – Vasil Misharov


The opening of the new Laminam production facility has put a spotlight not only on the technological excellence of Made in Italy, but also on Italian culture itself, inextricably linked to the traditions, the Renaissance and the “arte del fare” or the art of doing. It is a sentiment instilled in the Italian mind-set that makes the dream, the desire, and the ambition to create enterprise all become reality.

Art merges with science, the humanistic and scientific cultures join to understand the contemporary and to redesign the change. In this, the System Group has been a pioneer thanks to the foresight of its President. The knowledge that exists within System is a shared knowledge, because in a world as dynamic as ours this counts more than a separate, sector-based knowledge. Being unique, being the change and at the same time being global is what generates breakthrough innovations.

The Grand Opening of the new facility LaminamRus in the Vorsino Industrial Park  – March 27 2017

Factory tour with the Governor Anatoliy Dmitrievich Artamonov


Music takes center stage at the Grand Opening of LaminamRus

An orchestra of professional Russian musicians played several of the most famous opera arias, symbolizing the bond between Italy and Russia and arousing strong emotions in all those present. The Russian tenors Maxim Paster, Stanislav Mostovoi, Alexander Zacharov, Alexander Akvarko, Dmitry Bobrov and the noted Italian tenor Luca Canonici demonstrated how the Bel Canto is part of our international heritage that has the ability to create a magical, surreal atmosphere of unforgettable memory.

The Russian tenors Maxim Paster, Stanislav Mostovoi, Alexander Zacharov, Alexander Akvarko, Dmitry Bobrov and the well-known Italian tenor Luca Canonici.


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